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The Teaching of British Literature and Culture 1

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The Teaching of British Literature and Culture I

provides a comprehensive introduction to the most important literary works set in Britain from Old English Period to the Early Seventeenth Century. It exposes readers to the four main genres of literature: prose fiction, poetry, drama, and nonfiction prose.

It also introduces the historical, cultural, political and social development of the British nation and describes how these affected the lives of people from different sections of society as well as literature created by those people. As non-native speakers of English, Turkish students will explore different traditions, believes and cultures in British Literature and form understanding; and thus, get familiar to these people and their literature.

The primary goals of this book are:

-to introduce readers to different periods of British Literature;

-to introduce readers to the major genres of literature (poetry, drama, and prose fiction);

-to introduce readers to the basic elements of literature (such as epic, figures of speech, rhyme, symbol and theme);

-to introduce readers to a variety of quality literary selections from the masterpieces of British Literature (such as the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer; Utopia by More, and Othello by Shakespeare).

-to introduce readers to significant theoretical orientations (such as context-oriented, text-oriented, author-oriented and reader-oriented approaches);

-to teach strategies for reading, interpreting, discussion and thinking critically, and to explain an understanding of a literary work;

-to provide pleasure derived from reading, listening to and viewing literature for informational and pleasurable 

Kitap Özellikleri
Basım Tarihi 2019
Sayfa 320
Dil İngilizce
Ölçü 16,5x24
Kağıt 2. Hamur

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